Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A "better late than never" thanks...

I want to thank (better late than never, am I right?) for interviewing me as part of a series of conversations with women in tech. 

Swapnil: When did you start using computers?
I was 13 when my older brother asked our parents to buy our first computer, an Atari 1040 ST ( I used it to play games, mostly.  Some of my schoolmates had Commodore 64s at the time, there I wrote the only lines of code I knew:
10 PRINT “Laura”
20 GOTO 10
Those lines were all I knew about programming for many years, I wish now I found learning material that interested me more by then. My cousins had ZX Spectrums but I wasn’t too interested.
When I was 19 my brother bought a modem, we had a 486 with a monochrome CTR monitor by then, and reading/writing messages in FidoNet and chatting live in BBSs ( through the phone line was what really started everything, I became interested in computers.

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