Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GNOME Outreach Program for Women report - Week 1

This past week and a half I started coding for GOPW. I started with some bug-fixing as a way to "warm up". :)

So far, 8 commits:

AgeCommit messageFilesLines
4 min.Start monitoring storage folders if they exist when cheese starts, and a fix for bug 637798 commit.2-2/+8
29 hoursBurst mode session can be cancelled with a "Stop taking pictures" button. Fixes bug 6377981-47/+42
2 daysButton area does not get hidden after returning from fullscreen mode.1-0/+3
2 daysStart "Save as" dialog in home folder1-0/+1
4 daysCheck if each Webcam directory exists before filling thumb view1-22/+28
5 daysDon't create Webcam dirs (in Pictures and Video user dirs) unless there is content to put on it, fixes bug 5630585-27/+51
6 daysCommand line options for starting in wide and fullscreen modes, fixes bug 5978202-5/+49
14 daysAll ui buttons now have tooltips, fixes bug #6229743-2/+14

Daniel Siegel and me were chatting a lot during all this, discussing ideas and options for the bug fixes.

After this, the plan is to finish the feature for selecting video and photo resolution separately, and then start with the sharing features. We want to upload pictures to picasaweb, facebook, etc. Other option is for me to play with overlays, I would like to get any animated gif and put it over the video, that would be fun, especially when cheese can be used as a video chat app. We'll see, this last idea is for the distant future anyway.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Full planet weather timelapse

This is the most recent weather time-lapse video I made:

Now with music! =P
Making this was really simple thanks to the image filenames following a predictable pattern. At first I thought I would need to do something really complicated like image recognition, or something with image layers to automate this, but luckily it was not necessary.

Here is the complete script:


wget --limit-rate=100k -e robots=off -U "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.2; Linux)" -np -l1 -r  -A .jpg -N

wget --limit-rate=100k -e robots=off -U "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.2; Linux)" -np -l1 -r  -A .jpg -N

wget --limit-rate=100k -e robots=off -U "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.2; Linux)" -np -l1 -r  -A .jpg -N

wget --limit-rate=100k -e robots=off -U "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.2; Linux)" -np -l1 -r  -A .jpg -N

mkdir temp
mkdir temp/west
mkdir temp/east

cp*.jpg temp/west
cp*.jpg temp/west

cp*.jpg temp/east
cp*.jpg temp/east

rm temp/west/latest*.jpg
rm temp/east/latest*.jpg

mkdir temp/west/lower
mkdir temp/west/upper
mkdir temp/west/full

mkdir temp/east/upperbig
mkdir temp/east/uppersmall
mkdir temp/east/full
mkdir temp/east/lower

mv temp/west/*22.jpg   temp/west/lower
mv temp/west/*52.jpg   temp/west/lower
mv temp/west/*30.jpg   temp/west/upper
mv temp/west/*45.jpg   temp/west/upper
mv temp/west/*15.jpg   temp/west/upper
mv temp/west/*0000.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*0300.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*0600.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*0900.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*1200.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*1500.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*1800.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*2100.jpg temp/west/full
mv temp/west/*00.jpg   temp/west/upper

mv temp/east/*0545.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*0845.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*1145.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*1445.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*1745.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*2045.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*2345.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*0245.jpg temp/east/full
mv temp/east/*45.jpg   temp/east/upperbig
mv temp/east/*15.jpg   temp/east/upperbig
mv temp/east/*9.jpg    temp/east/lower
mv temp/east/*1.jpg    temp/east/uppersmall

ls temp/west/lower/*.jpg -rt > filelist.txt
ls temp/west/upper/*.jpg -rt >> filelist.txt
ls temp/west/full/*.jpg  -rt >> filelist.txt

ls temp/east/upperbig/*.jpg   -rt >> filelist.txt
ls temp/east/uppersmall/*.jpg -rt >> filelist.txt
ls temp/east/full/*.jpg       -rt >> filelist.txt
ls temp/east/lower/*.jpg      -rt >> filelist.txt

mencoder "mf://@filelist.txt" -mf fps=12 -o no_sound.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=4000 -vf scale=640:480
mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy  -o output_movie5.avi -audiofile music.mp3 no_sound.avi

I'ts really basic and intended for running it once, and then deleting all the folders. Enjoy!