Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cheese decoration design contest

Cheese will soon include effects that show .svg files above the video (and of course in the captured pictures and recordings). The idea is to add three or four effects with cool designs until an easy way for the user to use his/her own images is implemented.

So far, we have these images:

Adapted from contributions ( all clipart found there is released under ).

Think you can do better? Do you want your design to be chosen and seen by all Cheese users, bringing fame, fortune and complete bliss into your life? =P I promise, if you submit a design, it will rain cookies and marmalade in your country for a week.

Ahem! I mean, submit your design and a strict jury of artists and graphical designers will select the best among the thousands of submissions. It's not likely your design will be selected, competition will be fierce. Maybe, If you are good enough, you know. One of the jurors is Andy Warhol himself. Yep, I have his living brain here in my house in a jar, like a futurama head.

Now seriously, send your design if you want, and I hope I can include it in the list of effect previews. I can't promise anything because I don't know how many collaborations I will receive, but it will make it for sure in the examples folder so the users will have them available when drag-and-drop of svg files is implemented. Of course your name will appear in the credits under "artwork by" tab in "About" dialog.

These images won't move and will be resized automatically according to the video resolution, so any .svg dimension is ok as long as the proportions allow them to look good in commonly used video aspect ratios. (4:3, 3:2, 16:9 I guess, depends on the user's capture device).

So bring them on! ;)

Deadline is Feb 16 2011, and Feb 18 the selected images will be announced ;)

Submit your images here:


Anonymous said...

How much time do we have?

Marina said...

Funny post! Now seriously, funny post :)!

Pete said...

I'll do a few overlays. But where do I submit them?

L. said...

@mpredotka: Wed february 16 will be the deadline for submissions, february 18 the selected files will be announced ;) I'll edit the post to include this info

@Pete: I created a bugzilla ticket for this, I'll edit the post to include a link

@Marina: :o)